All the Good Vibes

Catch one of our ambassadors out at the local bar, kick it with them at the beach, or maybe stumble upon them fishing in the morning. Join them and the entire Shore Born family! Check out the store and meet some of our ambassadors.

Meet the Ambassadors

Seagull full zip

Shore Born is built for those who understand what is special about the shore area. It's not about just going to the beach, it's about understanding & knowing the level of respect we all must have for it in order to preserve those qualities.

Shore Born 1/4 Zip Lightweight Hoodie

Looking to beat the weather but still stay active? This lightweight hoodie has you covered and looking good all at the same time!


Shore Born Ambassador - Christor Lukasiewicz

Christor is a surf photographer that resides in Long Branch, NJ. He spends majority of his time surfing, fishing,  or doing anything that involves the ocean!

Shore Born Ambassador - Jim Louro

We are very happy to have an angler on our Ambassador team! Jim Louro is the creator of Vicki Lynn Sportfishing, whic...

Shore Born Ambassador - Nico Klimek

Nico is a surfer, skater, & snowboarder. When she isn't hitting the slopes or charging waves, Nico is getting her...

Shore Born Ambassador - Quincy Mumford

Quincy Mumford is an Asbury Park based musician, producer, & singer/songwriter. With Quincy's positive message th...
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